The colors and textiles that Guatemala offers us are a unique and beautiful experience. That is why we love to experiment with each textile from different regions of Guatemala, because each region has colors that identify them. And more than colors, it is the work that goes into each piece, from embroidery to waist looms, where every detail is well done by the hands of local artisans, and each ancestral or ancient process makes each piece exquisite in its elaboration.


Being able to go into a market to look for the best textile pieces is an adventure full of colors and knowledge. Each artisan brings with them a story to tell, a fabric to show and a lot of art to share. This is also a very important motive for us, to be able to help the artisan, to buy directly from them, and to be able to offer them a job opportunity, and we merge this with our ideas, making Guatemalan textiles known through garments that travel to different parts of the world.


Each textile arrives at our Studio and we turn it into a unique garment (one of a kind), taking into account innovative aspects so that people can use them in a casual, comfortable and versatile way. We like to combine different fabrics with Guatemalan textiles, from linen to cotton. The inspiration comes from each textile, from the colors that it can bring us, the figures that we can see in them, the shapes and much more.

  The garments that we most use and look for in a market are the huipiles and cortes. From these garments we have been able to work jackets, skirts, tops, crop tops, pants, dresses and more to create.

If you are looking for a modern garment with a touch of something chapin, you have come to the perfect place, you can find your favorite garment in our little corner full of color and authenticity.