After having worked for 38 years in the fashion industry, working with well-known designers and having my own company where I lived, until I was able to take the courage to travel to Guatemala, taking everything I needed with me and I sum it up in an adventure that is just beginning.


We brought everything we had in Los Angeles to start our dream of having a boutique in Antigua Guatemala. When we arrived was where the whole process began, at first with difficulties, because a thousand questions began to arise, how do we start? Where do we have the store? And so many questions that were invading in this process, which at first became too overwhelming, but little by little has borne fruit. (has gradually borne fruit).


We got a place so that the store could be with enough space to have the Studio and we were happy that it was near the park, we began to make friends, have neighbors, sharing our plans and that could give us a light to better see the path that awaited us. I met people to be able to put together the team for the store and each plan was given, with patience and enthusiasm we were building and we continue in this process of knowing, finding out, investigating how the fashion industry works in Guatemala.


My dream was focused on creating pieces of swimwear, lingerie, and loungewear, since creating these pieces is my strength, they are garments inspired by the sea, something different to offer and that you’ll love.

Fusing Guatemalan textiles with different fabrics was another challenge I wanted to take on and of course it was a challenge since we didn’t know how to enter the Guatemalan market, but we were going from strength to strength, looking ahead.


The store is one year of having the doors open to the public. In this time we have met designers, now we are part of Agexport, we have clients/friends that make us value more what we do, since their satisfaction drives us to continue creating, designing and giving the best to move forward every day with this project.

We want to continue and reach many people so they can learn more about us, our history and of course to know each of our garments, which we elaborate with great effort in this place full of colors, in this little corner called Antigua Guatemala.